Protection on the road and beyond.

Use Road Shield to Livestream Your Situation and Let Emergency Contacts Know What's Happening in Real Time.
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Powerful Features


Livestream Video Recording

Record and live stream audio, video, and location data during a traffic stop and transmit it all to your emergency contacts. 

Location tracking when traveling

Emergency contacts can see the location of your cell phone and get real-time updates as you travel along.

Document Everything

Road Shield automatically logs and backs up recordings of every incident. Whether you've used it to live stream a traffic stop, a tense moment when walking alone (such as a stranger following you), or stopping for gas at a sketchy location in the middle of the night, Road Shield ensures there's a record of all your activity.

How about that

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Surrounded by those you trust.

Notify Emergency Contacts at the touch of a button.
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Stay Safe on Your Road Trip.

Create and share your trip with emergency contacts so they can see your location as you travel along.
Optimal for short or long trips
Share location with loved ones
Real time updates

Storage of Traffic Stops

Enhanced recording and documenting of all your pullover activity.
Pullover History
Access your location, time, date and video recording of your pullover.
Rating & Feedback
Reflect on your overall pullover experience by reporting how safe you felt and providing feedback.
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